Sustainability is one of our core values, in fact it goes back a long way. Our knäckebröd contains no additives and the waste we produce during the baking process is virtually zero. The excess dough that is left around the edges is put back. Knäckebröd that doesn’t make the grade for packaging is broken down into pieces and sold in boxes as Broken Bread. Left-over flour is driven back to a local farm as fodder for younger livestock. ‘It’s only a small contribution in the grand scheme of things but it gives the young animals a bit of a boost,’ says the farmer with a twinkle in his eye.

The knäckebröd that is overbaked or broken is also sorted out. This becomes our “spirit bread”.

A key element in our baking is of course the fire and hence the firewood. We use   pulpwood from forests in our local area. Our wood-fired ovens also help to heat the rest of the factory. For a number of years, it has been a long-held ambition to be able to utilise the surplus heat from the ovens. This also gave birth to a dream of a greenhouse connected to the factory - a greenhouse that has now been built! We hope in future to be able to use the surplus heat from our ovens to heat the greenhouse. We like the idea of recycling. This is sustainability the Skedvi Bröd way.


Bread that is overbaked or broken is sorted separately and becomes “spirit bread”.