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We don’t skimp on quality in our restaurant. We want to offer you the best quality imaginable! “Our” farmers, and entrepreneurs and producers too, are all local and offer just the quality we’re after. They are our most important asset. Read on to meet some of them:

Forsa Farm

At Forsa Farm, the Engvall family is dedicated to rearing KRAV-certified pigs. Here, pigs get to graze freely all summer long and the litters are born in the BB area where they spend 10 days with their mum before following her out into the pastures. There’s plenty to be learnt at Forsa Farm when it comes to good animal rearing, which is something we prize highly in our restaurant.

Pollacks Farm

In the little town of Ljusterängarna, just a stone’s throw away on the other side of the Dal River, lies Pollacks Farm. Here, Marie and Mats rear organic Aberdeen Angus cattle that are slaughtered, butchered and dry-aged at the local abattoir. Our restaurant serves up the beef in both simple countryside dishes and burgers.


Nirsgården is situated in beautiful surroundings alongside the Dal River here in Stora Skedvi and has been owned by the Roslund family since 1948. This farm grows grains, potatoes and herbage. The main crop is potatoes, and the harvests are eco-certified according to Svenskt Sigill with a 1/3 organic harvest. This is where our restaurant gets the fantastic tubers that we serve up in all their many forms.

Fredrikslunds Farm

The milk we serve in the restaurant is supplied by Fredrikslunds Farm, situated just a kilometre or so away. On this farm, run by Emma and Samuel, peace and quiet reigns just as it should. Just like other farmers in the area, our cooperation is both vital and local. One or two times a week, the tractor trundles along the short route to ours to fill the tank in our dairy with milk. Locally produced, just the way we like it. Get it served at your table in a glass bottle or a cup of coffee.

Catharinas Sprätthönseri

Stora Skedvi is also home to Catharinas Sprätthönseri which supplies us with the eggs for our restaurant and Food Hall. The farm is owned by Björn who also runs the abattoir here in town. This poultry farm is the only one in Dalarna that produces organic KRAV-certified eggs. The breed of hen is Bovans Robust and as such the chickens are free to roam about the henhouse. They also get a chance to roam free during the summer and even in the winter sometimes, weather permitting. Locally produced, just the way we like it. Björn knows his chickens but even he doesn’t have an answer to the oft-asked question: Which came first? The chicken or the egg?